September 1, 2023

"Thanks so much for coming out so quickly! This heat has been a nightmare but you came out and fixed the problem in no time at all it seemed. Thanks Bob and Patrick."
August 24, 2023

"I have dealt with AC issues in the homes I've had here in Texas and I've never received service like I did with these guys. After the first guy told me it would take weeks to get the warranty approved and the parts in, I didn't hear back from them. I then called Airmax. They came out the same day took 10 minutes to diagnose and the next day they had my piece installed within 20 minutes and AC running smooth. A few weeks later the fan broke outside (its a really old unit) and they came the same day. With in 30 minutes I had my AC running again. They worked with the warranty company and had things approved right away. I'm telling you CAN NOT go wrong with these guys. Plus they're super friendly. Especially Bob"
August 8, 2023

"Bob was extremely knowledgeable over the phone they were able to get me in in less than 28 hours. Patrick was the technician that showed up Bob didn't give me a warning that he was coming which was awesome. Patrick was extremely professional very knowledgeable and he got my problem fixed in less than 20 minutes I'll definitely be calling them again"
August 19, 2022

"I was having problems with my previous service company doing a basic cleaning maintenance yesterday. I was being lied to about my system so I got a second opinion. I found out nothing was wrong with my system and my wiring was misplaced. Airmax’s technicians fixed the problem quickly. They are awesome !!"
August 2, 2019